Sunday, 27 March 2011

Kate on a mission: to eat her way around Oxford

Anyone who's ever met me will have noticed that food and I are never far apart. The cereal bars in my desk drawer at work, the full fridge and the planning of my days around meal times are all pretty good indications that I'm perpetually hungry. Although I own a stack of cookbooks and can recreate half-decent attempts at a number of dishes, I have to admit that I often prefer someone else to take the culinary strain and deal with the washing up: I love eating out.

Happiness is a blue millefeuille. You heard it here first.

Now that I'm back in Oxford and no longer a Brit abroad or a reluctant Londoner, it seemed only right that my latest blogging initiative should revolve around my second love (after travel). And so, I've decided to give myself a year to try out as many of Oxford's eateries as an editor's salary allows, and share at least one restaurant review a week with you. Gastro pubs, cafes, curry houses, pizza parlours: I'll leave no stone unturned in my mission to eat my way around Oxford and report back with the results.

Project gluttony begins on April 1st, so please get in touch with suggestions for the first meal of the mission. Leave a comment on this post, tweet me @girleatsoxford or email me at

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  1. Hi Kate: I am enjoying your blog which I have only just discovered - a bit late in the day. I live just by Folly Bridge and love both The Punter and One Folly Bridge bistro. I write a food blog and often mention local food shopping - do take a look



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